The Good, Bad & Ugly Reality Of Maybelline Makeup Product

The Good, Bad & Ugly Reality Of Maybelline Makeup Product

There are millions of fans of just about any Maybelline makeup product. The American brand owned by a French company is one of the most well known companies in the world and it has a history of clocking the highest sales in specific categories of makeup products. But is all hunky-dory about Maybelline makeup product or is there a bad and ugly side of it. Apparently, there is much more good about any Maybelline makeup product than bad or ugly. But the latter do exist.

The Good

One of the primary reasons why Maybelline makeup products are so popular is the price. Usually, any Maybelline makeup product is quite inexpensive. That makes the inventory affordable for millions of people, and possibly billions. When we talk about a mass product that aims at reaching innumerable people, pricing is quintessential and the company does wonderfully well. There are some Maybelline products that are expensive and an odd few are super expensive but they are not the ones people usually buy.

Another good element of Maybelline makeup product is that it is widely available. There is no dearth of stores selling Maybelline products. You can get them at drugstores and department stores as well.
Maybelline first made its mark with the lip and eye products. The company excels in these two categories. Today, there are a few Maybelline makeup products for face, such as the FitMe and Superstay lineups, Dream Matte powder and Dream Bouncy blushes, but the brand would remain synonymous with lip and eye products for the time being.

Maybelline makeup product is quite flexible when it comes to skin tones. There is a vast range of colors to choose from that makes shopping for the Maybelline makeup product that would suit you quite easy.

The Bad

If there’s anything bad about any Maybelline makeup product, then it will have to be the packaging. The packs don’t always look elegant. Given the prices at which the company sells its products, one doesn’t expect amazing packaging but it might be good to hold something that doesn’t appear to be cheap.

The Ugly

The ugly truth is that if you have an extreme skin tone, whether you are very fair or very dark, then you will not find a Maybelline makeup product to be your best friend. The company doesn’t take into account extreme or rare skin tones while making its products.

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