Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara

Maybelline just put out a new product in its mascara line: Define-A-Lash. This new mascara comes in a funky shade of lime green with a metallic green cap, topped off with ¼ inch of clear glass. The hip Define-A-Lash mascara is as functional and efficient at defining eyes as it is attractive. Your eyes will be as eye catching as the product itself.

Define-A-Lash boasts that it will give your lashes a clump free and defined look and it does. I have been using this mascara for about a week now and have not yet had a problem with clumps. Even after applying a second coat (after the first one has dried), there are no clumps. The definition on my lashes from the Define-A-Lash mascara is clean, soft and sexier than any other brand I have used.

Define-A-Lash is hypoallergenic and safe to use with contact lenses. Clump free sexy more refined look than other mascara lines. This product comes in 3 colors: Brownish Black, Very Black and Soft Black. I purchased the very black Define-A-Lash product. It does produce a dark black color but I would prefer if it was actually a bit darker than “very black”. Maybelline claims there is a waterproof one; however perhaps due to the newness of the line, I was unable to find it.

The Define-A-Lash mascara has a long wand with a flexible applicator, which probably is the cause of the lash definition. At first, it appeared as if the applicator was not going to be stiff enough to actually apply the mascara but it is and does not bend as you are sweeping the color across your lashes. The flexibility of the applicator also allows you to change direction and focus on certain areas of your eyes for more definition.

Define-A-Lash mascara washes off easily and I do not have raccoon eyes either during the day or when I wake up in the morning (even though I wash off my mascara at night, there always seems to be residue the next day). The best part about this product is the fact that there are NO smudges underneath your lower lashes at all from the mascara throughout the day. I have found however that I do need to apply a second coat at some point during the day as it seems the mascara has worn off a bit.

Define-A-Lash mascara produces length and definition without making your lashes look scary. I won’t agree that it makes your lashes look as long as Christy Turlington’s do on the product advertisement but it does produce long, natural looking and sexy lashes without the smudge or clumps every other mascara I have ever tried does.

While Define-A-Lash does not produce as much big volume as I would like, the definition is exceptional. If they could make the Define-A-Lash in a volume building formula, it would be absolutely perfect and my search for the perfect mascara would be over. The fact that the Define-A-Lash produces no flakes, big clumps or smudges beneath my lower lashes throughout the day and gives my lashes definition and length makes it a sure winner.

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