Maybelline’s Full and Soft Mascara

 Maybelline's Full and Soft Mascara

Maybelline has a slew of mascaras that have been at the top of my list for a while.
I have tried their “Full and Soft” range of mascaras in the past, but since it has been so long ago, can’t really recall the reason I never repurchased.

I had previously been using their Colossal Volume Express one and really like it a lot. I think it surpassed the Cover Girl Lash Blast by far because it uses the regular bristled brush instead of the plastic ones that are becoming very popular.

I really liked the Colossal Volume, but was in need of a new mascara and decided to try the “Full and Soft” one.

It was fairly inexpensive at around $5. I really liked the slim tube and the fact that it used the normal brush.

The brush is also smaller than the Colossal Volume Express and I figured it might get smaller inner corner lashes a lot better.

I picked up the black color. I usually tend to lean towards the black formula in every mascara, at least for starters. If I like the black, then I might try an alternative color like blue or brown. I do not think that the Full and Soft comes in a blue, but I do recall a brown shade. Most Maybelline mascaras come in a brown/black combination color that might work well if you do not want a really black lash.

I really liked this mascara from the start. It usually takes a few uses before the mascara dries out well enough to apply it evenly. I find that most new mascaras are always too wet and it takes a week or two of constant use to get it to the right consistency.

This was not the case with the Full and Soft line. I really found that this mascara wand coated every lash with a semi-wet formula. The result was full lashes that were shiny and black without the problem of clumping or stiffness. I do not think my lashes are as soft as they are without mascara, but I can tell that they do not feel brittle either.

I did not see a lot of transfer onto the eyelid either. I think this is because of the smaller wand as well.

I have even tried this on my bottom lashes, but I wouldn’t say it is the greatest mascara for those. I did think it worked well, but I have long bottom lashes and find that most any mascara has some transfer. This one did as well, but just a small amount.

This mascara washes off easily with your normal cleanser. I never buy waterproof, so I am only commenting on the original formulation.

The only downside I have come across is that fact that whenever I apply this, I seem to get an oily residue in my eyes. This is really hard to explain, but I will try my best. I wear contacts and for some reason I tend to notice a blurriness that occurs right after application. The strange thing is that I have not found any mascara in my eye or on my contacts. I can only imagine that some sort of ingredient is coming off at the base of my lashes and into my eye. With this said, I have not had any irritation with this, nor have I had any redness. I have continued to use this mascara, but for this reason alone, am unsure if I would get this again right away.

As a mascara lover, I am always trying to find something better. I would probably try this again in the future though.

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